Mix Backlinks - All In One Link-Building

Mix Backlinks is a comprehensive and versatile link-building service that combines various strategies to provide you with a well-rounded approach to SEO. It's a one-stop solution for all your link-building needs, delivering a mix of high-quality backlinks tailored to your website's specific requirements.

Mix Backlinks


All in One

This All in One Link building consists: PPT Submissions, PDF Submissions, Profile and Quora Submissions. All powerful backlinks will target your money site.

White Hat

All the links will be manually built and drip fed to make, and indexed in premium indexers.

Long Lasting

These powerful links will signal search engine that your website has immense value which eventually provides long lasting impact.

Small Mix

Limited Period Offer!
$ 5
  • 30 Mix Backlinks
  • 40 Second Tier Links
  • 1 Guest Post DA 40+

Standard Mix

Limited Period Offer!
$ 10
  • 50 Mix Backlinks
  • 50 Second Tier Link
  • 1 Guest Post DA 40+

Large Mix

Limited Period Offer!
$ 15
  • 70 Mix Backlinks
  • 60 Second Tier Links
  • 1 Guest Post DA 40+

Points to Notice:-


Here you’ll get mixed backlinks that include PPT submissions, PDF links, and Image, profile, and Quora backlinks. Also, I’ll build 2nd tier backlinks for PPT and PDF for best SEO results.


You just have to provide your website URL, up to 50 words of business description, and 3-5 main keywords.

Yes, all languages are accepted. However, the articles for PPT & PDF Submission, will be written in the English language, but the anchor text will be the keywords you provide (in your language).


No need to worry! In case you are confused with the keywords, you can ask us for keyword research, we offer free keyword research service with all of our link building services.

Yes, We accept all niches. Why to limit anyone from our elite service.

Rankings are never guaranteed by a genuine SEO seller, as there are numerous reasons for a website to attain 1st page of SERP. But one thing that is assured is that this SEO strategy will build a safe and genuine backlink profile for your website which will surely impact your business positively.

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